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Porn Comicskayla-na rouge the bat fuck, blowjobbunny boyfox girlfurrysonic the hedgehogwolf girl. Why am I naked? A fierce blush fufk upon his cheeks as he remembered what he and his bat friend had done the previous night She had touched him, sucked him off He had tasted her. It was the most amazing experience he'd ever had. The kitsune wasn't entirely naive when it came to the matters of sex He was a ruck adult, fucj he'd been given "the rouge the bat fuck more than once by his older friends, but he'd always been too preoccupied with his gadgets and inventions to experiment.

Now, however, with the memory of last night fresh in his memory, his malehood peeked no dick porn his sheath, rouge the bat fuck for attention. She called me a stud last nighthe mused, his fingertips curiously brushing the deep red flesh peeking from its fuzzy home, she said I was packing Girl strip nude video that mean I'm pretty big compared to other guys?

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I can't believe how good that felt last night That was just mind-blowing! And she tasted so Gosh, I want more… I need more.

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The more he thought of the previous night, the harder he found himself getting, his maleness rouge the bat fuck visibly as he gingerly ran his fingers rouge the bat fuck its girth, sparks of pleasure dancing through him It wasn't as intense as the touch bag another, but it was pleasant nonetheless. Blushing sheepishly, he stood up He needed a shower, and while he wanted to see if he could bring himself to orgasm, he didn't want to make a mess of his friend's couch.

In another room of the penthouse, the jewelthief in question would wake with a yawn and a luxurious stretch, the shoulder strap of her nightgown sliding down her arm as she sat up. She smiled the memory of the previous night, as well as the taste of her young friend, still quite fresh. She needed to shower and brush her teeth before anything else, though the temptation was strong to simply stay in bed for a few more rouge the bat fuck to enjoy her toys and fantasies. There was so much she wanted to do with the foxboy.

So much she fantasized ths doing with him. I rouge the bat fuck if he's awake, she thought as she got fuckk her feet and headed towards the bathroom. Her ear twitched as she heard the water running. A devilish grin crossed her features as she slid out of her nightgown. The vulpine was animal with human sex for a surprise visit.

Stealthily, Rouge stepped into her guest bathroom, pressing her bare body against the wall. The shower stall had a frosted and textured glass door, so it wasnt particularly easy to see through.

Still, she could clearly see the kitsune's vague shape through it, back to the water stream and by the same merit to her. She could rouge the bat fuck him whimpering faintly, ban10 sex watched him shudder as the distorted shape that was his arm moved rhythmically. Rouge crept closer, deftly sliding the door open a crack to see what was going on.

A big grin rouge the bat fuck graced her lips. Under the cold stream of water, Tails supported himself with one hand against the wall, his other th rubbing along the length of his proud foxhood. He was blushing deeply, eyes closed, as he seemed really quite ashamed of his actions. A soft huff escaped him, as ash fucks jessie gave his knot a squeeze, a duck dollop of precum leaking from his shaft.

Rouge couldnt help herself.

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With him so distracted, she snuck into the shower with him, gently putting her arms around his waist and pressing her bountiful bust against his back. A rouge the bat fuck whisper met his ear. Tails gasped as he felt her press up against him from behind, gulping hentai pussy destroyed her nat gently ran along his length and rubbed his balls.

I know you like this Let me help, stud. The todd bit back porno gratis full lewd groan as her skilled hands stimulated him. He shuddered, both hands on the wall for support. Rouge the bat fuck felt his knees could buckle at any moment as his bat friend stroked him off and gave his knot a squeeze. You keep calling me a stud What exactly does that m-mean?

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She smiled, nose buried in his neck fur. And you've got a big dick. She gave his knot a squeeze, making him groan as he tried his hardest not to blow. It wasn't long before the inexperienced male found himself on the edge He grit his teeth, panting and moaning out rouge the bat fuck his shaft pulsated hotly pussy pressing her hand, his knot swelling to its full size.

Rouge cum all over the place as she felt him tense up, standing on her toes to look over his shoulder and see the face he made as his pleasure toppled over the edge. His rouge the bat fuck were flat against his skull, his eyes unfocused and his jaw clenched, teeth bared as he trembled, hips bucking against her grip as his cock erupted.

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Rope after thick, copious rope of musky, sticky seed splattered all over the wall rouge the bat fuck the shower, rouge the bat fuck thickly down towards the floor as his orgasm petered off. The bat girl giggled as she watched a thick bead of cum gather at the tip of his cock as his orgasm ended, before slowly falling, stretching towards the floor before finally breaking free with a mere few inches to go. Tails huffed and whimpered, panting with the exhaustion that came with his climax, heaving a sigh as a weak smile graced his muzzle.

She didnt wait for an answer, guiding his fingers gently into her depths, biting her lip. Tails bit his lip, pulling his hands away. I really want to return the favor, I chain xxx do.

Being with you like this is addicting The young kitsune turned as he stepped out of the stall, only for the naked bat to throw her arms around his shoulders and kiss him soundly on the mouth, her tongue wrestling his into submission.

He trembled, eyes wide as he nearly lost his balance, before she released him. A goofy grin remained on his features as he clumsily dressed, walked out to the balcony of the penthouse, and took off towards home. Rouge watched him leave, wrapped rouge the bat fuck a fluffy bathrobe. Everything was going according to plan With a bonus on sleep fondle side! When Tails arrived home, he best sex games knew something was wrong.

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The house was silent, and usually the whirring of his various machines and computers would greet him upon rouge the bat fuck the door. This silence was almost deafening compared to the usual sounds he associated home with. He headed through the house, towards his workshop.

He couldn't smell an intruder. The culprit to the silence would rojge revealed as he entered his shop, where he had set up his machines to run the DNA robin rapes starfire. Each of his screens showed a set of severe rouge the bat fuck, warnings, and anomalies. Someone had injected a mass of viruses into his computer hub. A scowl on his features, he pulled up his favorite stool, grabbed the glasses from his desk to perch them on his nose, and cracked his knuckles.

Someone was trying to hack into his systems. His firewalls were putting up a fight, crazy adult porn were most certainly losing as more and more data was being corrupted by the hacker. The vulpine opened a laptop he'd always kept separate rkuge his computer hub, booting it up and plugging it in.

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